Who We Are

Milis Bio is designing the future of flavourings with a range of protein based low-calorie ingredients.

The company is presently developing a proof of concept sweet protein, using technology which will in the future be adapted to different flavours.

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The Problem

The food and beverage industry is faced with one of the greatest health crises in human history. The obesity epidemic is global, and the pain caused by it and related illnesses to sufferers and their families is immeasurable. However, consumers also avoid artificial flavours for fear of unknown side effects, and dislike the aftertaste and price points of some healthier alternatives. Our relationship with sweetness is ironically bittersweet.


The Solution

Milis Bio is designing the next generation of flavourings. The ingredients designed by our technology will be low calorie and naturally digested proteins, designed bespoke to the needs of each customer. A beverage producer can have a high potency, water soluble ingredient. A baked goods producer can have a low potency, heat tolerant ingredient. And so on.


Meet the Team

Mike Sheehan


Mike graduated with a BSc. in Neuroscience from University College Cork, and was awarded the title of "Cork City's Best Young Entrepreneur" the following month by the Irish Enterprise Board and Cork city's enterprise office, the first of a number of awards for Milis Bio.

Dr. Paul Young


Paul holds a PhD in Molecular Biology, and has mastered the art and science of protein engineering through over 30 years of experience. Paul is presently employed as a Senior Lecturer in the University College Cork Biochemistry Department.

Freedanz Ferdinandz

Biotech Industrialisation Specialist

Freedanz holds and MSc. in Biochemical engineering from University College London, which he has applied in entrepreneurial and consultancy contexts, focusing on both the business development and technology applied in industrial biotech.

Advisory Board

Roberto Nardi

Food Business Advisor

Over 30 years at Unilever, including 5 years as global head of frozen foods development. Presently operating food technology consultancy firm "RoNa Consultancy"

Pat Lynch

Entrepreneurship Advisor

Seasoned, award winning entrepreneur at Eviview, Compliance and Risks, and others

Our Journey

Milis Bio began in May of 2016, in the RebelBio accelerator program run by SOS Ventures. This developed our R&D strategy, connected us to the world of biotechnology and set our work in motion. We joined the StartupBootcamp Foodtech program in November of 2016, forging connections with the food industry and mentors specifically experienced in that space, while developing our business model. From September 2017 to September 2018, Milis Bio participated in the University College Cork IGNITE Incubator program. This gave the company the time, workshops and mentorship to build a comprehensive plan for our future, and a reservoir of invaluable connections.

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